I’m Steph, the founder of circleandstars.com. I am so grateful that you are here. It is my personal mission to inspire curiosity and connection to the Divine Feminine through art and astrology. 

My intention is to create a space where we can connect and celebrate her creative power. I am pleased to offer Istar Charts (named for the Queen of Heaven), SOULutions Sessions, Spiral Sessions and a Creative Coaching Intensive called Inanna's Journey. In addition, I facilitate groups that study the Ancient Feminine Roots of Astrology in many delightful ways (see Star Lore).

My work supports open-minded and open-hearted humans who are longing to live their soul's purpose. Discovering (or recovering) the Sacred Feminine in your personal symbology can inspire your creativity, clarify your passions and infuse your life with meaning. Developing your connection to the Sacred Feminine corrects the energetic imbalance that we are currently experiencing and encourages immense personal growth and healing. 

Integrity, spiritual generosity, compassion and authenticity are deeply important to me. I am devoted to the Egyptian Goddess Aset (Isis) and I am enlivened by my study of the ancient Divine Feminine origins of astrology. In addition to being an astrologer and visual artist, I am a priestess, singer songwriter, adventurer, silly dancer and trickster (not necessarily in that order).  

As a creative and a mystic, I have always been intrigued by the imagery contained in the language of astrology. In 2007, I began studying, formally, under the instruction of an exceptional astrologer and author, Emily Trinkaus. I am honored to have completed Emily’s Alcyone School for Engaged Astrology apprenticeship (twice! She is truly awe-inspiring!). 

My astrological approach is profoundly growth oriented. It is my desire that you are excited by your personal symbology and that you embrace your awesomeness. I am not interested in using astrology as a predictive tool. I am interested in using astrology to empower you and to strengthen your relationship with the infinite.