Lilitu of Babylonia Materials

Lilith's Owls

Listen to the
preview call and learn about
the Sacred Roots of Lilith! 

During our 15 minute Remembrance you can…
• Find out what The Moon, Owls and The Night have in common
• What Lilith can symbolize in your birth chart
• What flower is a symbol for a woman’s vulva
• How much of the astrology of Lilith is based on her mythology

In our discussion you will learn…
• About the different versions of the Genesis myth and how this
   relates to Lilith
• How “Missionary” is a symbol of something more than
   a sexual position
• What is meant by the term “Mean Lilith” or “True Lilith”
• How to integrate your Lilith energy into your life

Reclaim your Sacred Roots and...

• Reclaim the language of astrology – a symbology that’s been disconnected from it’s ancient
   Sacred Feminine origins
• Celebrate your unique expression of your feminine gifts
• Enrich your life with the awesomeness of the Goddess
• Engage in an experiment that can radically change modern astrology as we know it
• Unveil woman’s mysteries and secrets that are “hiding” in our symbology
• Expand your understanding of the practice of astrology by including the Divine Feminine 

Astrologers. Do you realize that Astrology was invented by women? Women as the intellectual leaders of their communities were the originators of this brilliant symbology. We are missing so much of this material and I am on a mission to reclaim it! By following the threads of the Sacred Feminine and returning to a time when God was a Goddess, we can expand our understanding of astrology and our feminine gifts. Engage in this experiment! Connect with like minded Sacred Sisters and integrate the wisdom of our foremothers into your practice.

Mystics. How often do you get to journey into Ancient Star-lore, Women’s Mysteries or Egyptian and Babylonian Symbology? Connect to the mythology of the Goddess and engage that part of your being that rarely gets to shine! As you know, our symbology is holding secrets that are hidden in plain sight and this is an invitation to uncover them. Enrich your life and your understanding of yourself by connecting with like minded Sacred Sisters and the honoring the wisdom of our foremothers. Let’s re-dream our present by reclaiming the past!

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