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Follow Your Soul. It Knows the Way.

Steph Wilder

Steph Wilder

Create the life that you envision

Together, we will work with your astrology in a creative way designed to express your innate gifts, and discover solutions that are aligned with your soul’s purpose.

I am a professional astrologer, visionary, soul-prenuer, teacher, and author and I have been working with astrology for the last 15 years. I have had the pleasure of studying formally at the Alcyone School of Engaged Astrology in Portland Oregon. I graduated from the Professional Astrologer Apprenticeship Program in 2010/11. Enlivened by my love of astrology, I completed the program again in 2012/14. 

Your Astrology…

can spark your imagination, encourage you to be more authentic, and create the perspective you need to design the life that you desire! 


“…symbolism, rightly understood, is the one Divine language of Mother Nature, a language wherein all can read…”

– Thomas H. Burgoyne The Light of Egypt


Love Notes

“I LOVED my astrology reading with Stephanie. She felt like a friend and I really enjoyed her insight into my character which felt spot-on. I learned more about myself and had a blast with Stephanie who was thoughtful, kind and very knowledgeable about astrology. I HIGHLY recommend this experience!”

“Steph is very intuitive and her sessions offered an insightful look into my life path that was both profound and accessible. Her warm, honest demeanor instantly made me feel at ease and able to place my trust in her guidance. To my astonishment, her vivid imagery seemed to be giving voice to my heart's truth! With her practical suggestions, I left feeling a deep sense of empowerment and surrender.”

“Seriously, you changed my life in just over an hour. Thank you!”


“I would really recommend working with Steph. She honed in on what I needed and then she put it all together, bringing out my own individual style.”