Inanna’s Journey

A Creative Coaching Intensive offered by Steph Wilder

Seek Your Truth

Align Your Life Purpose with Your Sacred Feminine Super Powers

Immerse yourself in your personal symbology and embrace your inner wisdom. Inspired by the ancient Sumerian Goddess’s descent to the underworld, Inanna’s Journey, offers a pass through each one of her mythological gates and an opportunity to discover new facets of your brilliant being. These deep and insightful realizations will occur in a safe and sacred space that we will co-create as we connect (or re-connect) to the hidden Divine Feminine in your personal astrology. We will also look into the current astrological happenings, use some abstract astrological know-how and engage in a variety of exercises. No Astrology or Art experience necessary!

Each of Inanna’s Mythological Gates will Inspire Growth Experiences and Create Possibilities! 

Gate of Authority
Gate of Perception
Gate of Communication
Gate of Compassion
Gate of Personal Power
Gate of Creativity
Gate of Manifestation
Queen of Heaven and Earth

Inanna’s Descent Includes:

8 Spiral Sessions (90 minutes each)
8 Customized Exercises (based on your natal chart, progressions and transits)
8 Personalized Istar Charts
Sacred Roots Virtual Circle annual subscription

Our engagements will happen on the phone or Skype (or whichever method works best for you) and they will be recorded (as mp3's). Each Spiral Session will include an Istar Chart (as a pdf). 

This is your journey and you can move through this Intensive at your own pace (though I would recommend a scheduling of at least 6 months). Scheduling and other details will be determined after registration (I will connect with you via email).

Before registering for Inanna's Journey please contact me for a free consultation to answer questions and discuss availability. I limit the amount of Immersion programs that are scheduled so that I can give the participants extraordinary support during this exciting process.

Questions? Send an email to for the answers.


"The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience."

– Emily Dickinson