Timeless Melody

Our mystical symbology is singing. You can feel it in the Mayan ceremonial sites in Central America or in the Great Pyramid of Giza and it is still residing in our ancient astrological symbology. Each glyph continues to resonate with meaning and it is my work to hear her song. I am authoring a book called The Wisdom of the Wheel; Return to the Sacred Feminine Roots of Astrology. I have called on the Great She of Ten Thousand Names to guide me. 

I am writing with open eyes and an open mind to find the sacred feminine origins of our practice. I am approaching the symbology as a hidden record of our foremothers wisdom. I am conjuring with all of my mystical tools. I engage in conjecture and experiment with the narrative. I embrace divine downloads. I use my imagination and my senses and I value my inner knowing more than what I have been conditioned to believe. 

It is my life purpose to bring us back to our ancient venerations. It is my desire that these ideas, like pollinators moving from flower to flower, awaken the places in our beings where this ancient knowledge is still reverberating. These symbols still play in our collective consciousness and it is time to unveil the essence that has lived in them for thousands of years. It is time to immerse ourselves in the heart of the Goddess and embody the Sacred Feminine. We can expand our understanding of the language that we speak and empower ourselves to heal others. 

She is the light that moves through the cycles of nature. I have been listening to her song and it is transcendent joy, resplendent beauty…it is LIFE. 

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Stephanie Wilder