The Goddess is Alive. Magic is Afoot.

Introducing STAR LORE

An on-going, Mystical Journey around the Wheel of the Zodiac facilitated by Steph Wilder.

This online group will begin as soon as we have 13 participants (see schedule below for more info).

Meetings take place on (or near) the full moon from 6 - 7 PM, Pacific Time Zone (or by recording when it is convenient for you).

You are invited to join me (and my Animal Goddess Companion, Owl) on a Mystical Journey into the Divine energies held within the Zodiac.

Together, we will expand our understanding of astrology by remembering and reclaiming our star-symbology. We will celebrate the Divine Feminine by encountering her at certain places along the wheel – in the sky and in our charts – past and present.

It’s time to Shimmer and Shine Sweet Sister!

Be Inspired. She will blow your mind! You are a reflection of her and you are a blessing!  

Be Illuminated. Connect to and expand your understanding of yourself and your purpose. 

Be Enlightened. Surrender to her brilliance and reclaim the language of the stars. We are dynamic and our femininity is full spectrum.

Be Radiant. Fall in love with your gifts and commune with the essence of the Goddess through circle and sisterhood.

During the New Moon you will be presented (electronically) with materials that are designed to deepen your experience of the Divine energies held within the Zodiac. The materials will include (but will not be limited to) Goddess Archetypes, Women’s Myths and Secrets, Ancient Artifacts, Egyptian, Babylonian and other Mesopotamian Symbols, Astrotheology and any subject or guest, that will expand our understanding of the Divine Feminine origins of Astrology. We will fully embrace the concept that astrology was created by women during a time when “God” was experienced as Goddess.

Each Full Moon we gather for 60 minutes (virtually via google hangouts) and share our insights with one another. This is an invitation to co-create a sacred space to lovingly support and grow with one another.

No Astrology experience required. Bring your imagination along with your stellar intuition and your sense of adventure!

Each Star Lore Registration includes…

• New Moon materials presented (electronically) designed to deepen your understanding of the Divine energies within the Zodiac.
• A Full Moon gathering to share our insights with one another in our circle.
• Admission to our Private Facebook group for discussions, breakthroughs, visuals, handouts, other online resources and Star Lore Sister connections. When we come together we are even more magical, powerful and amazing!

Registration for 3 months - $95.00
Registration for 6 months - $170.00
Registration for 12 months - $285.00

Register today!

Delve deeper and purchase a Spiral Session with Steph. Cost is $135.00 for 90 Minutes.
You can delve even deeper by purchasing an Empower Pack of 3 Spiral Sessions for $330.00

Jump in - it's fun!

Jump in - it's fun!

Join me on my quest to reclaim our star symbology. This work is my passion! I have a unique understanding of the glyphs as I have enjoyed the honor of creating countless modern-day symbols during the last 20 years in my former life as a Graphic Designer. I have also had the pleasure of visiting several Mayan ceremonial sites throughout Mexico and Central America. Experiencing the tangible energy of the glyphs at these sacred places, opened my mind to the possibility that the visual language of astrology holds energy from the very ancient days. I am looking forward to co-creating this journey with you. 

Comments from the Growing Sacred Roots Tele-class (offered in 2015)
“I have studied a lot of astrology and this made me want to know the whole spectrum and not work with such a limited palette. So, this really opened it up for me and it's kind of fun.”

“I liked learning about the Goddesses”

“It’s like opening a doorway and discovering there is a whole different world in there. It has been a really good experience for me.”

“It’s like studying the seed to expand on my understanding of the plant”

“If I was teaching astrology, I would start out with this!”
Feedback from the Growing Sacred Roots Tele-class (offered in 2015)
The Growing Sacred Roots tele-class helped me to connect with my spirituality and gain support from other women in this encouraging environment. I had little previous knowledge of the sacred feminine, and was fascinated by the rich history of goddess culture in ancient civilizations. Stephanie Wilder’s research was extensive and the visual aids of ancient symbols, statues and other artwork brought the material to life. As an astrologer, the Growing Sacred Roots class brought a new dimension to my practice as I expanded my knowledge of both astrology and the sacred feminine. I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to investigate hidden aspects of history and reconnect with the ancient wisdom that is of practical use in daily life today.
– S.S. Portland, OR

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“The terrain of the mysteries is the ordinary.  To seek out mystery, we don't have to go anywhere.  We must simply change our perception, our description, our consciousness of where we are.”

– Starhawk



2017 Star Lore Schedule:

Full Moon call (6:00 - 7:00 PM, Pacific Time Zone) - January 12

New Moon Materials (emailed by 5 PM, Pacific Time Zone) - January 27

Full Moon call (6:00 - 7:00 PM, Pacific Time Zone) - February 10 (Lunar Eclipse)

New Moon Materials (emailed by 5 PM, Pacific Time Zone) - February 26 (Solar Eclipse)

Full Moon call (6:00 - 7:00 PM, Pacific Time Zone) - March 10

New Moon Materials (emailed by 5 PM, Pacific Time Zone) - March 27

Full Moon call (6:00 - 7:00 PM, Pacific Time Zone) - April 10